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After years of performing all across Israel on their own ticket and alongside international acts, keeping Jerusalem’s metal scene alive and releasing albums, members from Jerusalem’s godfather of thrash, Showrchtsechaye, and from DeuSphera, decided to come together to form Sintax in late 2013.
Considered one of the best live metal acts in Israel, Sintax have also toured Europe and established a solid fan base there as well. Reviews describe them as heavy metal thunder, a strong punch of groove and unique raw energy, a vicious blow to the face, messy and terrifying and brutal, as the lead singer's hoarse intensity leads the listeners through anarchy, politics, religion, philosophy, war, sex, and more.

The band was featured on the Israeli Headbangers Ball, and has released two albums. The first, Sway for a Better Day, in 2015, and the recent, Nano 3000, brought out by Yoav Gruper (guitar), Slava Kishka (bass), and Nir Baruch (drums), and founding members, Roi Illouz (guitar) and Yehi Zaken (vocals).

Upcoming Album:

Nano 3000

Technology raise against us a dystopic prophecy talking about anarchy, politics, religion, philosophy, war, sex, and more.
By combining heavy grooves, Fast drums with surprising melody line and Gang vocals, This Album has something for every metal fan.
Extremely heavy but melodic, a lot of old school combined with modern production and sound. Thrash reefs with modern metal blend with a bit of heavy metal sensability Thrash vocals, Gang vocals, Technical playing Tremendous solo work this Album has a bit of everything in a mix which is unique to Sintax. With it's instantly recognizable sound.

Track list:
1 4:09 Skelaton scale
2 2:55 Reefers sting and honey
3 3:52 Most hated man in the universe
4 3:48 Sight got past
5 4:26 Nano 3000
6 5:18 Shooting stars
7 3:46 Lethal and armed
8 4:15 Lunchtime funeral


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